Gemini Property have a unique and innovative way of adapting to the current market trends.


Andrew and Tim Hopkins began their careers in the vehicle repair industry in 1986, growing the business to a group of 11 sites across the Midlands before selling to Nationwide Crash Repairs in 2005.


In 1989, the brothers drew on their growing knowledge and experience of commercial property by launching Gemini Property and diversifying into residential, development and commercial sectors, not just automotive.

Returning to their roots, Gemini Accident Repair Centres was re-formed in 2008 and the two businesses continue to develop in parallel.


With a unique depth of experience and enviable funds available, Gemini Property are well positioned to make rapid and professional appraisals of commercial, residential or development opportunities. The company is continually seeking commercial properties where value can be added and relationships developed with the correct tenants.


All properties are actively managed by our own experts with the use of retained consultants as necessary.